Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kids, Chocolate and Tears

First, the kids - it went very well today. I don't think we were counting on all of the kids being 2 year olds. But... they were and it took about an hour for us to re-adjust and re-organize. After that we had it down or at least we survived. The "Head Bane" was asked to come and provide a music time. She just sat down on a chair, sang two obscure songs and then left after several snide comments. I refuse to put in black and white the thought that ran through my head. We are buying a gate to keep the children from escaping next month but other than that we did okay. Lily was on her very best behavior for her frisbee exhibition and delighted the children.

To Ellbee: I recently went on a tour of the local Chocolate Store with the 4-H. And the lady who ran the place said that chocolate does not ever go bad. It might get white looking on the outside but that the chocolate will be good. I thought that was kind of cool.

Now for the Tears......... The school is only willing to advance me $300 upon my arrival in Houston. That won't even cover my hotel bill. I will be sleeping in my car and it really upsets me. None of the other schools that I have attended have ever made us wait until after school started for our loan money. They would make us wait for scholarship and grant money but not loan money. $300 is almost a slap in the face considering how much I am paying for the privilege of going there. I am mad, very, very mad.

Now I have to get ready for tonight's Bible Study. It is going to be hard to get into the right frame of mind.

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