Sunday, September 23, 2007


On the way down here, I had so much interesting stuff that came to mind and I just couldn't wait to blog. Of course, now I can't remember it. The price of getting old I suppose. Or more likely, of a misspent youth.

Half of the trip was on a two-lane highway through the countryside and the other was on an Interstate. And for some odd reason, the local highway was more congested than the Interstate. It was a solid line of traffic. I was thinking I had missed some national holiday or something. (And I observed that the speed of traffic is in exact proportion to how fast you want to move - the faster you want to go, the slower the speed of the lead car). The super bad traffic was just reinforcing my initial impression of a secret national holiday because NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH. Attendance was down 50%. That sound's really bad but considering the size of my church it wasn't a lot of people.

"Head Bane" said I had a "very good" sermon today. I'm thinking that I will have to come up with a new nickname for her if she is nice for a couple of more weeks. (Not much chance of that happening, however).

The VIP bell pepper was a welcome addition to my afternoon meal. I'm very proud of the stupid thing. It doesn't take much to impress me, obviously.

I am contemplating having a "Blessing of the Animals" on October 7th. Have any of you every done this particular service? I live in a rural area and we are all use to working with animals, so that isn't a concern but the only actual "Blessing" service that I have every seen was on the "Vicar of Dibley". Maybe not the best example that I could use as a basis for my service.

There will be no excuses for not working out while I'm here. The exercise room is just down a few flights of stairs. I have already visited it tonight and feel very smug. Fat but smug.

I have only embarrassed myself once today. Went out to my vehicle which has a very cute SMU Mustang hitch cover. Well someone with exactly the same vehicle parked next to me. Picture this, me squatting down in front of the trailer hitch, exclaiming "Oh No, someone took my mustang!" Only to look up and see I wasn't behind my vehicle at all. You all know what happened next, right? The quick look around to see if my antics had been observed. I think that I am home free.

Travelling has it's own pitfalls -- but I managed to miss most of them except for forgetting my favorite pillow and my razor. The razor situation is easily remedied, no hope for my favorite pillow magically appearing before I lay my head down tonight.

I'm still trying to get used to using my laptop again. I will have to re-learn this keyboard and the flatness of it. I'll probably be getting used to it sometime around Friday morning.

3rd Quarter - Dallas Cowboy's vs Chicago Bears - Score 10 to 3. Cowboy's are winning but it isn't pretty. And I'm not expecting a win if they keep playing like this. Man, Chicago just scored. Tied 10-10.


Kathryn said...

We had a Pet Blessing service last year for St Francistide, and will repeat in this year, as it was a huge success (though I had the "Dibley factor" very much in my mind throughout)...If you'd like more details then feel free to email
"revmyname at g***lemail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to send you our St. Francis service also --