Monday, September 3, 2007

Church Doesn't Suck

I'm reading the new Interpreter Magazine, and I see this billboard for Grace Point United Methodist Church (page 9). In the article, the pastor says that older persons were offended by the sign but it had increased membership by 200. I ran into a similar issue in my church. I was talking about people "bitchin'". Well, some of the people felt that was a curse word. I said no, not really it is more of a word for complaining. Needless to say, I won't be using that word in the future at Admin Council meetings (they were bitchin' by the way).

One of the reasons that I didn't belong to a church until my mid-30's is because of this kind of stuff. Many in church seem like hypocrites. Which is kind of off the subject above but on my mind. We will complain about a certain word in society even when it doesn't mean exactly what the older crowd thinks but we won't get off of our butt's and do something about suffering in our own community.

There was alot of other neat stuff in the magazine especially about blogging. However, I would have to have two different blogs because I'm not really ready for church members to read about my personal feelings, thoughts, etc. That seems to fall into the above category of being a hypocrite however. Maybe not?? I don't know. I do like the idea of using technology to reach more people. So let me know what you think: Should we have one blog for church members and another for our personal thoughts or should they be one and the same?

BTW: I did not refrain from laboring on this Labor Day. I did the church bulletin but did not really work on my sermon besides picking the Scripture text. However, in my defense, I couldn't sit in my living room. TeenChild is watching "Arachnophobia". I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS. She was a toddler and someone had "Jaws" on the TV, I heard her yelling at the television "Don't hurt the shark, don't hurt the shark!" She really hasn't changed very much since then - she will still choose the animals over the people in movies, and she still yells at the screen.


The Thief said...

If you were to start a blog for your congregation to read, I would definitely start a different one. Not because this one is offensive, but because it is real - maybe too real for those in the congregation to understand. There's a lot I don't say in mine for that express reason.

One of the dangers, however, is that people will find your blog. I know that there are several from my congregation who read my blog, and not necessarily because I want them to.

As for getting back into running, first, invest in a good pair of running shoes. They'll set you back a bit, but it's completely worth it - go to a running store and ask them what kind of shoes you should wear. Believe me, it's worth it! Then start slowly, but set goals. Like - today I'm going to jog for x minutes. Or - on x day I'm going to run/walk a 5K.

It really helps to get a partner to run with. They can encourage you to go, even when you don't really want to.

revabi said...

I died laughing over "Don't hurt the shark." She's going to end up on Animal Planet doing a series like those other crazy guys with deadlies animals. "Ain't She a beauty."

I saw that ad and I loved it. The older people here would die too if I suggested we use it. I don't use word that is similar to any curse word. But it is funny, in the little town, they were okay with it.