Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Mind is Going

My Lay Leader called me and said that a member of our community was in trouble. Apparently, she is 62 and disabled and her husband of 27 years just left her. Didn't say anything, didn't talk about it, just walked away. She is devastated to say the least. She is struggling to keep their home and doesn't want to move. I took her some food, and visited with her, prayed with her, gave her some referral numbers to help. She is a member of another church so I hope that I didn't step on any toes but I feel okay here because she called my lay leader.
I feel so bad for her and wished that they would have sought help before it came to this. It is hard not to rush to judgment but I don't know the entire story and probably won't. Pray for her.
On a more personal note, OMG ((((!!!!!!)))))) I just realized today that I have to cram two weeks of bulletins and sermons into this one week. I can't count on having any time next week to do any of it.
I have this weird reaction to stress - I get massive muscle cramps under my shoulder blades and they are in a big knot right now or, maybe, it's because I carried weights during my walk this morning. It was fun but I probably looked like an idiot. Singing along with my IPOD and swinging my arms in time to the music.

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