Monday, September 10, 2007


Call from Head Bane: "Ooops, I haven't been taking enough out the account for the last year to cover your pension." Man, I bet it galled her to say that she was at fault. Thanks for everyone's kind words. I feel so good right now. Isn't that evil of me? It is times like me when I ask the Lord, "Almighty God & Creator, Are you sure you want me doing your work? Because unless you haven't noticed I'm really not perfect and, am frequently a vindictive bitch. At least in my own mind." So far God keeps telling me that I'm a work in progress but that I'm where I'm supposed to be. I sure can understand why Moses argued with God about returning to Egypt.

To The Thief - I would love an interview. Email me at;
I read your interview the other day. And I vowed to quit looking at my site counter.....but then I heard about these real cool ones where you can get statistics, and other neat stuff. Just kidding. :)

Started a new book last night by Luke Timothy Johnson - The Creed. And one by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury Anglican Identities. You might ask why a United Methodist would want to read this. One because it's by Rowan Williams and two because Wesley was an Anglican. Plus, it was a give away at the Seminary bookstore and I never, never, never pass up a free book. I even let the Mormon Church send me their books. Yep, it's a disease. I'm officially a book-a-holic. I have been trying to catalog all my books, shelf by wearisome shelf. This is serving two multiple purposes. One it is making me organize my office which was looking kind of like you would see on a Maury Povich show over hoarding. Two-I'm finding books that I own that I haven't read. Three-now I can check to see if I've read it before I buy it. Sometimes the book cover is revamped and I don't recognize it. I have been using to do the organization.

My office DOES have a floor and now I have a whole bunch more books to read that I had forgotten about. Perkins' Cokesbury bookstore had this sale every few months, as many books that you could fit into a bag for only $8.88. So I have lots of books that I got just because they looked interesting. And some have been pretty good reads for ministry, like Tex Samples Blue Collar Ministry. One of the reasons I have been successful here at this church is because I speak their language. I was raised in the same income bracket. I have the same accent. And face it many of the same values. And even with all of my belly-aching I have been successful here. It hasn't taken off and grown they way that I dreamed it would but I have been here four years. That is longer than any one ever made it before. I took them from not paying apportionments to paying 100% every year. It probably won't stop the merger from happening and it honestly it needs to happen for the sake of God's Reign.

Anyway, I digress. My floor is almost (almost) free of stack of books. Now if I can force myself to throw away all of my seminary papers. I have them on the computer but they don't have the cool comments by the professors so I have saved every stinking piece of paper ever handed back to me. Man am I weird or what??

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