Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hip, Hip, Hurray

This is my new a/c unit. I didn't think it would get done but 10 hours later they had it working. Moe and Curly were having lots of problems until Larry showed up and helped them out. I am so happy. The blessed, blessed quiet is so wonderful. They even helped me take the window units out so that I could return them to their rightful owners. Which I promptly did after picking up, GirlChild from karate.

She tested for her purple belt tonight. She said that her form was great but she totally blanked on the Japanese words so she almost blurted out the answer in Spanish which is really, really funny because she doesn't know Spanish too well. Which is a shame, I am Portuguese (1/2) and my ex-husband is Spanish. We even had a foreign exchange girl from Mexico City but Ryss just wouldn't work learning the language. Oh well.

I'm too happy to worry about my child's foreign language skills at the moment (especially since I don't speak Spanish either - don't even ask why not). I'm cool, the house is quiet.

I did not get to walk while she was in Karate as planned. I was busy loading a/c units into my SUV. And it was raining when we got home but I did get my early morning workout done and made plans to meet with a church member for more exercising in the morning. So I am being good. Still bummed about the dessert only once a week. Define dessert. Is that a chocolate dessert? Or anything sweet? I did eat a bite of watermelon sherbet (at least it was low-fat). Lost 1/2 pound. probably water weight but I am optimistic that it will still be gone tomorrow.

Finalizing plans for the Mother's Day Out Ministry tomorrow. I hope that I am in as good a mood after that meeting as I am tonight in my cool, cool parsonage. (Yep, that's gloating).

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revabi said...

Sounds like you have a lot to gloat about. Glad you now have central air.

Hope you get your exercise in in the morning. Sometimes the day gets away from you or other things happen before you know it.

Hope the meeting for you Mother's day out program goes well.

That is funny about the language. I am not asking about the Spanish, just guessing.
Love your dog pictures.
Thanks for coming by my blog. Come to AL and I'll take you out on our lakes sometime.